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Trade Suppliers, Preston Lancashire - Customer Feedback

  • "The car has been fine, never let me down so I am very happy with it.
    Thank you.

    Thomas Stanfield
  • "Hi Peter the car has been fine.Just a couple of problems with lamda sensors which I have now found out is common with this particular Peugeot, but it is generally a good runner.

    Pauline Hollands
  • "Peter, the Audi A4 has been probably one of the best second hand car buys I have made. It has passed MOT after MOT, the only thing I have had to change was the windscreen due to a stone chip which spread. Apart from that he has been excellent. When I am ready for another vehicle I will consider you again.
    Best Regards,

    Andrew Leigh
  • "Thank you car is running well. I have had a couple of recalls but overall very good.

    James Obrien
  • "It's been fine thanks just a couple of tyres on front.

  • "Hi, yeah the car has been great thank you very much. No problem at all.

    Laura Dolam
  • "Hi Peter, this is Kim who bought the Megane in Oct 2012. It?s been fine, few minor issues like the windows not opening (electrical problems), passed MOT fine. For age of car, it?s doing well. Think it will cost a bit more this year with odd jobs but overall I?m pleased with it. Would definitely come to you in the future when I?m looking for another car.
    Many Thanks,

    Kim Thomas
  • "Hi, Can't fault the service or car. The only issue we had was after 3 months when the suspension arm went on both sides at the same time. However the age of the car and the state of the roads these days we can only put it down to one of those things

    Dewi and Laura Parry
  • "The car was great. We had it for 2 years and sold it for a camping car.

    Mike Williams
  • "Hi Peter, Focus has been good. Usual sundry bits as expected. Nothing major, thanks for asking.

    Barrie Tait
  • "Hi, been 2 years since I got the Almera and no major problems, still got the car and still running okay.

    Lynsey Steele
  • "The car has been great, still got it ? very happy with it.

  • "Peugeot 307 has been great.

    Lee Roberts
  • "Had the car for 6 months, was okay, got good deal.

    Allan Wensley